2.0 New Feature Alert! Google Cal Sync

Managing your practice just got easier. In the spirit of continual growth, TherapyAppointment listens carefully to your feedback. We’re continually adding software features to can help you focus on what you love. So, we’re excited to announce a new (much requested!) feature!: Google Calendar Sync.

With the new Calendar Sync in TherapyAppointment 2.0, you can easily and efficiently marry your Google and TA calendars in a few steps found within our Resource Library here or via YouTube here

Therapy Appointment

How it works

Ever wished your Google Cal’s Tuesday racquetball match or Wednesday book club showed up on your TherapyAppointment Schedule? With Calendar Sync, we’ve got your back. Ever longed to view your busy TherapyAppointment Schedule on your Google Cal? You guessed it: still covered.

Once synced, any future appointments added to your TherapyAppointment Schedule will appear on your Google Calendar and vice versa — it’s that seamless.

This feature keeps your calendars updated in real time once synced. Perhaps your long-term client, Johnny Appleseed, schedules a new appointment through the Patient Portal while you’re playing racquetball. If your calendars are synced and your Google Cal is available on your Smartwatch, you’ll immediately see Johnny’s appointment appear as JA on your Google Cal. Perhaps the next day, Johnny changes his appointment time during your book club. You’ll see his appointment shift on your mobile’s Google Cal. Like magic.

The best part: Your TherapyAppointment schedule is blinded on your Google Calendar so you maintain a HIPAA compliant schedule on all your connected devices.

Learn how to do it here!

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