Group Practice

One solution to efficiently manage patient information before, during, and after appointments.

Synchronize your practice’s workflow

Whether you're a small team or a large clinic, our group practice features streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and improve client outcomes.

Notes & Charting

Employee access settings
Easily set and adjust access and permissions for your staff.

Secure record sharing
Allow granular patient record sharing among clinical team members.

Save time with templates
Create practice-wide or provider-specific templates.

Supervisor review notifications
Automatically notify supervisors when session notes are ready for review.

Helpful supervisor feedback
Supervisors can review and request edits before approving notes.

Role-Based Access
Use job-based roles and permissions to personalize security settings for your team.
Yes: Schedule your own clients

Yes: Document assessments and patient progress

Yes: Add addendums or redact records for assigned clients

Yes: Manage new client intake

Optional: Manage billing, payments, and claims

Optional: View income and accounting reports

Optional: Supervise/sign-off on other providers

Optional: Records custodian for all or limited providers
Administrative Roles
Scheduler: Send client portal invite, assign intake documents, and schedule appointments

Biller: Scheduler roles, plus payment and claims processing

Manager: Biller roles, plus manage practice and staff access settings

Reports: Manager roles, plus view and manage reporting

Optional: Add records custodian privileges for all or select staff
New Client Intake

Client triage
Allow a ‘parking spot’ for new or prospective clients until they’re assigned to a provider.

One-click to sign and lock
Track new clients visually by provider, upcoming first appointment, or date added.

Customizable tags
Match new clients therapists using 'therapist tagging' and 'next available appointment'.

Digital signatures (coming soon!)Enable clients and providers to securely e-sign and co-sign documents.

Billing & Claims

One-click access
Select if a provider manages their billing/has access to accounting tools.

Flexible claims creation
Customized claims for specific providers and insurance companies.

Get a 360 degree view
Run reports and manage billing for active and inactive providers.

Provider settings
Set up custom services and fee schedules  by provider.


View multiple schedules
View providers weekly/daily schedules side by side.

Customizable settings
Track session progress with automatic color-coding.

Shared calendar
Allow providers to have a ‘free/busy’ view of each other’s schedules.

Simplified scheduling
View calendars and schedule appointments for providers in different time zones.

Data & Reports

Optimize operations
Create detailed reports based on location, provider, and session type.

See real-time analytics
Sort data by office location, individual staff performance, and income.

Track client retention
Get notified when a client doesn't have future appointments scheduled.

Manage payroll
Easily calculate income per therapist and set percentage rates.

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