Frequently Asked Questions

For a list of software specific FAQs, please visit our help center.

Does TherapyAppointment work on Mac computers / iPads / PC computers?

Yes. TherapyAppointment works on Macs, iPads, and even smartphones. Since TherapyAppointment is 100% web-based, you will not have any software to download and install on your computer. The system has a “responsive design” feature, meaning that it will know what kind of device you are using, and how big the screen is on that device. It then adjusts itself to fit your device.

How often do you update your software?

Our software is constantly updated. While our customers are using the live version of TherapyAppointment, we are creating and testing the next version, in a never-ending cycle. We are always searching for ways to improve the system, and our best ideas come from your feedback! We keep abreast of new DSM, ICD, and CPT codes, new claim forms, and new government regulations. We never charge for updates, and they happen automatically: you just wake up one morning and the latest version is online.

Have questions about the software?

Please visit our extensive resources at our help center.

How do I know if I can bill insurance companies electronically?

Our software interfaces with Office Ally for e-claim submission; they are able to submit claims to almost all major insurers electronically. When they can't, they will tell you, and you can print and mail the claim manually. If this happens so often that it is inconvenient, you may want to establish an independent account with them. With an independent account, you will pay 15 cents per claim for e-claims, and 45 cents per claim to have them print and mail it for you.

Can I submit claims for past dates of service (before establishing my account with you)?

Yes! Just put them on the schedule on that prior date, and submit in the usual way.

Do you sync with Quickbooks?

Our system does not sync to Quickbooks because we have our own internal accounting system for patient accounts and therapist income. Our system can create billing statements for mailing. If you prefer, patient statements can be sent to your clients’ Portal, saving time and money, as well as a few trees! If you want to continue to use Quickbooks, all you need to do for tax purposes is to run an income statement in our software and type those very few numbers into your Quickbooks system.

What about records access in case of a death, disability, or disaster?

We encourage our customers to have a “practice will” that contains (among other things) the username and passwords used for accessing the account, and a designated therapist to inherit patient records. If this therapist has this information, there will be no delay whatsoever in making the records accessible to the new therapist. If passwords are not conveyed, a records custodian can provide notarized documentation asserting their legal rights to the records. We would then provide access even if they did not know the passwords.

We back up our data continuously in multiple locations to ensure that it can survive a local disaster.

I am in a group practice. Who owns the client records?

It is a good idea to establish this with your group before this becomes an issue. When there is a request to separate a clinician account from a group, we make contact with both the clinician and the person paying the monthly fee. If the director of the group certifies that the individual clinician is the owner of the records, they may take their records along into private practice. Call our customer support if you want us to email the correct form to complete for these circumstances.

I'm uncomfortable with letting patients schedule online. Do I have to allow this?

Not at all. You can turn the online scheduling option off completely, or put a variety of restrictions in place. For example, you can restrict online scheduling to only established patients, or only CERTAIN established patients. You can restrict the appointments available online to a few days in the future (no surprises!) You can allow or disallow bill payment online, sending secure messages through the portal, etc.

But here is an example. Dr. Whitehead, the creator of the system, used the online scheduling feature for more than a decade. In that period, only two patients ever scheduled appointments inappropriately–not a bad track record! And many, many patients were extremely grateful about the convenience of online scheduling.

These days, therapists are most commonly selected on the basis of online information. Having a “Schedule Appointment Now” button on your web page will almost certainly increase your referrals.

What are the credit card processing fees?

Our software integrates with an independent “Merchant Services” company called International Bancard (IB). TherapyAppointment imposes no additional fees or charges to their rates; we simply provide integration of their system into ours. IB is able to process Flex Spending Plan and Health Savings Account cards. You will need to contact IB for a specific quote for your practice, since their rates depend on factors such as your credit rating and anticipated charge volume. IB is a completely independent company: your contract with them is separate from your business arrangement with us.

Do you charge for tech support? Training?

No and no. We pride ourselves on our prompt and free answers to your questions. You and your staff are welcome to take part in our live training webinars as often as you wish. Take advantage of our training videos and help articles if you prefer to learn on your own. If you need us in the course of your work day, you can reach us via phone or through our “support ticket” system.

Do you charge extra for appointment reminders, ERA reports, faxes, etc?

We are firm believers in honest transparency; we hate hidden fees! Almost all features are included in the base rate fee. You have the option to include (1) integrated teletherapy services through Zoom for Healthcare for $5.00/month per practiitioner; (2) Online claims submissions starting at $0.15  per claim; (3) an integrated credit card merchant service. There are no additional fees for faxes, ERA's, document storage, reminders, or e-signatures.

How long has TherapyAppointment been in business?

Our system has been in development for over fifteen years. It has been offered to the public for more than a decade. The system was conceived and created by a psychologist in private practice in Texas, using his own experiences to create a truly useful practice management system. We moved our home office from Texas to North Carolina in 2012, where we are now incorporated as “Psych Select Software LLC.” At this writing, we have served over 20,000 therapists, and have successfully submitted tens of millions of insurance claims.

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