Keep your income stream unclogged


Billing Tools That Work Harder

Integrated Credit Card Processing

  • A practical process for collecting client payments
  • Save encrypted credit card information for seamless payments
  • Online payments are quick and convenient for clients using Client Portals (Learn about our partners here)

Secure Billing with the Client Portal

  • Clients can easily view and pay balances (including estimates from their insurance)
  • Billing issues? Safely exchange messages to clear things up quickly
  • Share monthly statements instantly and securely (or print them for mailing!)

Insurance Claim Tracking

  • E-claims make insurance easy
  • Claim tracking and problem claim notifications keep you in the know
  • Our knowledgeable Insurance Specialists provide free support to correct problem claims and understand issues

Flexible Options for Claims Processing

  • Take the easy road: Automatic access to TherapyAppointment Claims comes built into your account. ($0.17/claim, added to your monthly subscription fees)


  • Take complete control!* Have an Office Ally account? Painlessly connect it instead to keep the claim repair and claim research tools they provide. (Please note, this will require a separate Office Ally subscription.)
billing and insurance dashboard


You have insurance questions.

We have insurance answers!

  • It's free! No additional fees for this support -- We want you to feel confident & successful!
  • Our Billing Team is made up of insurance billing experts. We'll help you to navigate the baffling world of insurance.
  • We'll help you to learn to decode claim rejections so that you can correct them for resubmission and master the process.

*Our claims clearinghouse partner, Office Ally, is a third party company that may charge additional per claim fees if you opt for an individual account with them. Contact Office Ally here to learn more about their fee policies.