Integrated Credit Card Processing

  • TherapyAppointment simplifies the process of collecting client payments.
  • Store encrypted client credit card information  within the system. Subsequent patient payments are just a mouse click away; no need to see the card each time.
  • Clients can also pay online using the Patient Portal. Click HERE for more information

Secure Client Messaging

  • Safely exchange messages with clients about billing issues.
  • Send monthly statements to the Client Portal, or print them for mailing.
  • Clients can view their up-to-the-minute balance online.  They see estimates of the amounts due from themselves and from their insurance.

Automatic Insurance Claim Tracking

  • E-claims make insurance easy. Create and send claims with a mouse click.
  • Stay up-to-date with insurance claim tracking and problem claim notifications.
  • Our team of knowledgeable insurance specialists are available to help you understand insurance issues and train you to correct problem claims.

Flexible Options for Claims Processing

  • We will assign you to claims processing via TherapyAppointment Claims as part of the default setup for your new account. 17 cents per claim, added to your TherapyAppointment bill.
  • You may opt to set up your own Office Ally account to use instead, if desired. This account will have advanced claim repair and claim research capabilities, but may incur a fixed monthly fee instead of a per-claim fee. Your choice!
billing and insurance dashboard


You have insurance questions. We have insurance answers!

  • TherapyAppointment is known for its exceptional customer service. We can help you to navigate the sometimes baffling world of insurance.
  • There is no additional fee for this training. We want you to become confident and independent in this area.
  • Though we are not a billing service, we can help you to understand any claim rejections so that you know how to correct them for resubmission.

* Our claims clearinghouse partner, Office Ally, is a third party company that may charge additional per claim fees if you opt for an individual account with them. Contact Office Ally here to learn more about their fee policies.