TherapyAppointment Tracks Practice Financials and Reports on This and Other Important Data

Have you been using a collection of spreadsheets, QuickBooks summaries, and back-of-an-envelope calculations to determine the health of your practice? TherapyAppointment consolidates all of your practice data in one place and generates reports on demand.

Our therapy practice management software can track financials, patient demographics, referral sources, and other important information. For help with financial or management decision making or long-term planning, practice owners and administrators can use TherapyAppointment to quickly generate reports displayed as tables or graphs.



Use our reporting feature to make informed financial and management decisions and guide the growth of your practice

Do you dread collecting all your bank statements each quarter for reporting income to the IRS? TherapyAppointment can display this information with a few clicks! Thinking of opening a second office? Our practice management software reporting feature can give you the information you need to see if a second location is justified.

Here are the benefits:

  • You can easily gather quarterly income reports for taxes
  • Our software allows you to compare income from diverse locations, diagnoses, insurance carriers
  • Any overdue payments automatically flagged
  • You can display age, gender, zip code information  graphically
  • We will help you track referral sources, lengths of treatment, and much more

We provide quick reports of information that everyone needs plus the ability to generate custom reports on demand

TherapyAppointment uses the information that you routinely enter about patients and payments to display practice data in real time. This cuts down on the data entry workload for your staff, as there is no need to key in data multiple times.

  • You are one or two mouse clicks away from generating an aging report, a list of problem claims, or a monthly summary of billing and income
  • Perform comparative analysis of therapists in your group practice to see if a particular therapist may need coaching
  • Our “report filtering” system allows you to divide your financial information and patient demographics into any report that you can imagine. Want to know the financial impact on your practice if you were to “fire” a particular insurance company? Find out BEFORE making that decision!