Go paperless!!

Therapists and clients both love the Patient Portal feature of TherapyAppointment! Our practice management software in general saves precious time. The convenience and efficiency of the Patient Portal makes it one of our biggest time savers.
Clients can schedule appointments, view statements, pay bills, send and receive secure messages, complete and e-sign intake documents, and more! Clinic managers and practice owners can expand or limit these options at their discretion. Clients love being able to schedule from home where they have access to their family calendars, and love the convenience of e-signature. No papers to lose!

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Schedule More Client Appointments and Reduce No Shows

My Appointments list for clients in 2.0


  • Clients love this convenience! They can click to schedule or change a therapy appointment online whenever they think of it—even in the middle of the night
  • Clients appreciate being able to schedule appointments from the convenience of their home
  • Allowing clients to reschedule appointments after hours can reduce the number of no-shows
  • Therapists maintain full control over online scheduling. They can allow access to all, none, or specified groups of clients.
  • If immediate online scheduling of first appointments is enabled, users of TherapyAppointment have a competitive advantage over other therapists. We'll show you how to place this feature on your own website.

Send Bills and Collect Payments Online

  • Clients can print their own receipts, superbills, statement copies, etc. on demand. This relieves office staff of these repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more meaningful activities.
  • Our software integrates with online payment partners IB or TSYS for automatic payment processing, enabling clients to pay their bills online at any time.
  • Online payments are automatically entered into the client accounting system. Paperless perfection!
Client payments and view account