Virtual Client Intake

A Virtual, Paperless Intake

Welcoming a new client into your practice can consume hours.

You play phone tag to get in touch. Then you collect forms for contact, credit card, insurance, and biographical information. Then, more forms: consent, HIPAA, and more. Next, you might want to send a map to the office or disclose office policies. Then you go back and forth a bit more to coordinate the first appointment.

Let's streamline that process for you and your clients.

Here's How It Works

Our automated intake helps you creates a truly paperless practice!

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  1. Gather the forms your practice needs at intake. (We provide a free forms library or you can build your own through the custom form builder!)
  2. New clients self-register with your practice through your practice's website or through our Client Portal page
  3. We'll automatically send them your forms and docs to complete and e-sign (electronic signature). This can include client information (like insurance, biography, credit card), practice information (like consent forms, no-show/late cancellation policies, and directions to the office), and HIPAA forms.
  4. Clients schedule their first appointment

Client Self-Scheduling

Consider this: most client distress occurs in the evening, when you aren't available to help.

TherapyAppointment's self-scheduling tools guide new clients through your intake tasks 24/7, while they're still thinking about therapy.

Not sure about self schedule?

Should you allow clients to self-schedule? We break down the pros and cons in an article to help you decide if it's for you!

Not using client self-registration or self-scheduling? Simply invite new clients to register through the Client Portal. Easy!