Before TherapyAppointment, welcoming a new client into your practice could consume hours of your time. You probably had to play "phone tag" to make initial contact. Then you needed to use myriad forms to collect contact information, credit card information, insurance information, and biographical information. Then you had to get signatures on consent forms, HIPAA acknowledgement forms, and more. You might want to send a map to the office, or disclose office policies. Then you had to struggle to coordinate a time slot for the first appointment.

No more! TherapyAppointment includes an automated intake process and a truly paperless practice! New clients can self-register, then complete and apply an electronic signature to forms that you designed (or chose from our standard library). As a part of the process, they will have entered their own contact, insurance, biography, and charge card information, and scheduled their first appointment. All of this can happen at midnight while you are sleeping. When you wake, all of these documents are waiting in the new client's online file for your review.

Ever consider that most client distress occurs in the evening, when you aren't available to set up an initial appointment? With TherapyAppointment, a link on your website lets them complete all the tasks above, 24/7, while they are still thinking about their need for therapy.

Uncomfortable with client self-registration or self-scheduling? No problem. As demonstrated in the video below, you may speak with the client by phone first, then invite them to register through the Client Portal. Easy!