Insurance Claims & Posting

File Insurance Claims Automatically.

Tame the dragon.

Insurance companies don't seem to make it easy! Experienced therapists can dread filing claims. New to private practice? It can be completely overwhelming.

With TherapyAppointment's practical tools for billing insurance, claims are automatically created when a session is charted – no extra steps required.

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Here's how it works

  1. Send your claim: Answer simple questions about the session and we'll format the claim. (We even know which claims are likely to be included in that payment and provide suggestions!) Click submit.
  2. Get ERA's back: payments are automatically entered into the client accounting system when ERA's are received from insurance companies. (There's also a semi-automated system for paper EOB’s.)

What others love about our insurance billing features

Our mental health billing tools were built with the feedback of therapists and billers. That's why, when it come to efficient billing, there's a lot to love!

  • Simple Workflows: Automatically file an insurance claim with charting. Or, have front office staff check your work before filing. Client payments can be entered at the time of service and mail-in payments can be reconciled with prior charges.
  • Universal Claims handles unusual claims requirements. Modify any field on a claim form to help us learn how to better file your claims. Save the change for that particular claim, the client, the insurance company, or even your entire practice.
  • Smart Payments Due: We track “due from client” and “due from insurance” separately and dynamically. Client statements show their responsibility and is corrected automatically for insurance payments.

Hate posting payments? Not us!

We'll automatically process and post ERA's (electronic remittance advice, an electronic explanation of benefits) for you.
Here's how
  • Payments tracking: We track expected payments (+ bring any surprises to your attention!)
  • Claim Status: A claim flow is tracked so the status of every outstanding payment is clear
  • Clean Claims: We help you create "clean claims" that are unlikely to be rejected BEFORE transmitting electronically to the claims clearinghouse. 
  • Claims Issues: A claims issue needs your attention? It's reported clearly on your Dashboard so you can get paid faster.
  • Responsive Billing: Our billing tools make claims payments faster & provide quicker notification in cases when client billing needs adjusting.