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Face-To-Face Feels About Right

When you need to be available to clients virtually, you want the most reliable and most user-friendly HIPAA-compliant telehealth available.

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We Love Telehealth

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Reliably connect. Every time.

When it's time to meet, it's time to meet. Period. Choose a telehealth solution you're 100% confident in and meet virtually with high quality HD video even in low bandwidth situations.


HIPAA Compliance

We put the safety of your practice and clients first. Using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), we encrypt at the application layer to ensure HIPAA and PIPEDA/PHIPA compliance. Safe, secure, and worry-free.

Easy to use

Hassle-free connectivity

Our user-friendly platform is manageable for users of all technical abilities. 

Flexibility and control

Flexibility and Control

Meeting with one person or 100? We give you ultimate control over your session size.

Host individual clients, family counseling, or group sessions.

Change the layout of your viewer so you see all participants or just one speaker. Include yourself in the mix, or hide your image. You're in control here. 

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The ultimate in accessibility

There's no substitute for face-to-face. Meet your clients virtually wherever you or they are, on any device. High definition video provides a consistent quality connection to your clients so you can stay connected, even when you have to be apart. 

Doc Sharing

Create a high-touch experience, virtually

Make time with clients more meaningful by sharing powerful documents you’ve created or they've completed. Increase communication channels through chat. Facilitate collaboration through screen-sharing and on-screen annotations that all of your participants can see. 

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