Learning Resources for TA2.0 Users

Welcome to our exciting new upgrade, TA2.0!

You're among the first to join TherapyAppointment 2.0! Welcome!

TA2.0 is new kind of practice management software that takes the work out of managing your practice and lets you focus on doing what you love. We know learning a new software isn't easy with everything on your plate. But, we assure you -- you'll find this software entirely intuitive very soon. In the meantime (and everyday after!), we're here for you along the way!

We know you want to learn and get a feel for the software. Below are resources just for you!

Everyone learns differently. So, we’ve created a variety of learning resources to get you started. Our Support Team is always happy to help (support@therapyappointment.com) and responds within 24 hours. Given the high call volume we're experiencing with the launch of TA2.0, using these great resources is the fastest way to get the answers you need:

  1. Free Learning Guide: You're automatically enrolled in our Training Guide when you sign up. This guide provides a track for learning the ins and outs of TA2.0. Keep an eye on the email address that you used to register for TA2.0 for details.**
  2. YouTube Learning Channel: Jump straight to training and move at your own pace. Just check out our YouTube TA2.0 Getting Started Videos series!
  3. Deep Dive Demos: Starting January 3rd, we’ll offer weekly demos and Q+A sessions to guide you through the things you need help with most. Click here to register and check in with our Facebook page and weigh in on what to offer!
  4. Have a Conundrum? Our Help Section: Did you know that you can find help videos right inside TA2.0? Just look for the orange question mark below and click on “Have a Conundrum?” to get started! (See below)

Get help from inside of the software anytime by clicking “Help”

**Of course, you can opt out anytime by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.