Charting, Notes - Text Recovery


If you have ever been frustrated by typing a long chart note, only to have TherapyAppointment lose the note by requiring you to log in again, you should consider using "Lazarus." Lazarus is software that can recover the note that you lost;

It works with any web page, and it is free!

Using FireFox*, follow these steps to install Lazarus.

-Step 1: Go to this website:
-Step 2: Click the "Add to Firefox" button.
-Step 3: Click the "install now" button that will appear next.
-Step 4: Click the "restart now" button that will appear next.
-Step 5: Type this (without the quotes) into the blank where you would usually enter a web address: "about:addons"
-Step 6: Click the "Extensions" tab at the left of the screen--the item that looks like a jigsaw puzzle piece.
-Step 7: Find "Lazarus" in the list that is displayed to the right. Click the "options" button in that row to set Lazarus to be HIPAA compliant.
-Step 8: In the "security" tab check the "Require a password to restore forms" checkbox. Create a password.
-Step 9: Decide on a time span for "Remove saved forms after..."
Since you are unlikely to need to restore anything after a day, I would suggest 1 day.

You may now close the add-ons manager.

As with fire drills, it is a good idea to practice before the actual crisis occurs. Try this:

1. Open TherapyAppointment and click to chart on one of your patients--one that requires just a short note, since you are testing this for the first time.
2. After typing your note, instead of clicking "chart this", pretend to make a mistake. Click the "Log out" button at the left of the screen. Your work is now gone, since you forgot to save that chart note.
3. Log in again, and click "chart" to display the charting screen for the same patient.
4. RIGHT-click in one of the blanks to display a menu. It will ask for your password.
5. RIGHT-click the same blank again. Since you want to recover everything you entered, choose "recover form". If you have been charting a lot, there will be more than one item. to choose from; the most recent chart note will be at the top.
6. You note should now be restored!

This will work even if you were logged out for inactivity or if you had a power failure and your computer turned off. It works with the SOAP notes page, as well, but for some reason doesn't seem to work with the Patient Information page.

If another therapist shares your computer, be sure to close FireFox completely before leaving. This will password-protect your information once again.

* I would strongly recommend that you use FireFox as your browser when working with TherapyAppointment. It is less prone to errors, looks best, provides automatic spell check, and works well with Lazarus. To download a free copy, go to: