How We Give Back

Too many Americans are struggling with mental health challenges without the help they need. At TherapyAppointment, we believe that everyone should have access to high quality mental health care and support services. Our philanthropic mission is to help build a world in which help and support are available to all who need it. We are committed to improving our business, our industry, our community, and the world around us.

To give back, TherapyAppointment donates a portion of our profits to causes that support those who are most in need of mental health services and support.

Tell Us How We Can Make the Greatest Impact

We want our donations to go where they will make the greatest impact. These can be organizations that provide exceptional care for a specific area of mental health, or it can be a group that provides support across a broad spectrum of issues.

We would love your help in deciding where our donation would have the greatest impact.

We will be distributing a survey to all active TherapyAppointment customers annually. From a list of pre-screened local and national organizations, we will ask customers to choose three to receive our funding.

Look for details coming soon to our website.