Our new interactive calendar is organized much like Google Calendar or iCal.

  • Click on an empty time slot to schedule an appointment or meeting
  • Drag and drop to reschedule an appointment or meeting
  • Drag your cursor to change the length of time reserved for an appointment or meeting
  • Click on an appointment to see quick details or edit details associated with that appointment or meeting
  • Week-at-a-Glance and Month-at-a-glance views are available with a click of your mouse
  • “Availability” overlay shows on  your calendar, and it is color-coded for hours at different office locations
Scheduling reminders

Additional Scheduling Features:

  • Import your personal calendars such as Google Calendar or iCal
  • Export a de-identified client appointment calendar to your personal calendar
  • Choose multiple methods of entering or changing appointments for different situations
  • For therapists traveling between two or more offices, you will now have the ability to set office hours for each location and to let clients choose a location when scheduling online
  • Display schedules for different office locations, and use our improved "side-by-side" calendar to see all of the clinic therapists at once
  • Manage your practice effectively with our improved “First Available Appointment”


  • Use our improved SOAP and HIPAA-style notes
  • Unlimited templates can now be shared in a group practice
  • Templates can include automatically generated information, e.g. client name, appointment type, start and stop times, etc.
  • Treatment plans are now recorded separately; they are not part of progress notes
  • Treatment plans can be edited between sessions and printed separately from notes
  • Fee collection is now a separate process and not necessarily included as a part of charting
  • Our new “Auto-save” feature lets you pause in the middle of charting without losing your work
  •  You can now view the exact format of your completed chart note for printing
  • Notes can be locked individually, and claims can be submitted multiple times per day if desired
  • We have an extensive “supervision” process; chart notes for interns are automatically routed to supervisors for approval; supervisors can edit or return notes to interns with suggestions
  • Improvements have been made to group therapy charting, and these can be supervised as well
  • Coming soon: drag and drop to create your own charting template, which can include custom pull-down lists and more
Patient charting

Claims and Billing

  •  Auto-posting of your insurance payments is now faster
  • We’ve improved the division of “due from client” and “due from insurance” amounts
  • Problems in accounting appear automatically on the “dashboard” screen
  • Most problems have a simple “fix this” button on the dashboard to lead you through the repair process
  • Insurance company information can be picked from a national list of insurers
  • A new system for editing claims permits you to tailor a claim to the non-standard demands of any insurance company and use the same format going forward

Statistics and Reports

  • A new “filtering” system lets you create a custom report for any subset of your financial or practice information.
  • Group practice reports are much easier to produce
  • View your statistics with our new dynamic graphs of information
  • You can print out a complete client chart that includes more than just session notes (such as treatment plans, appointment history, insurance information, and final statements). This gives you a quick and easy response to a records request


Patient portal
  • Messages to other staff members or clients can now include attachments
  • Messages are organized into “threads”, making it easier to see the context of a message
  • Messages can include several recipients, all of whom are included in the “thread.” You can add additional staff to the thread at any time.
  • Messages can be sent to multiple clients simultaneously without revealing the identities of other clients, e.g. if your office is closed for a weather emergency


  • Each appointment has a “history” which includes reschedules, reminders sent, confirmations received, etc.
  • Staff as well as clients can now flag an appointment as “confirmed”
  • Multiple reminders can be sent for a single appointment. Example: an email can be sent two days before the appointment and a text message one day before.
Scheduling Reminders

Client Portal

Patient Portal
  • Clients can electronically sign and return documents without ever printing them on paper. The signed documents are automatically saved to the client chart.
  • Clients log in via the same login page used by staff.
  • All messages and documents now come through the portal, leading to less confusion when passwords change.
  • Clients can print their own receipts, superbills, statement copies, etc. on demand; there’s no need to ask staff to send these documents
  • We’ve improved our  “due from client” and “due from insurance” calculations, so clients can be more confident about making their payments online
  • Non-clinical staff now may initiate messages to clients (if permitted by privileges)
  • When multiple office locations are available,  you can restrict view of available appointments to a particular office

General improvements

  • Our new software looks and feels more modern
  • The new “Responsive design” senses what kind of device you are using (computer, tablet, or phone) and optimizes display and input for that device
  • We made improvements to error-trapping (fewer “blue screens”)
  • New automatic system capacity increases when the the traffic is heavy on our system
  • Tasks that take a long time (e.g. uploading a document) are done in the background so you can continue to work on other tasks
  • Improvements to security (e.g. true two-factor authentication)
  • Drafts in progress are saved automatically (e.g. notes are retained even if you forgot to click the “save” button)
  • Our new “Dashboard” organizes everything that needs attention on one page.
  • You will receive automatic, ongoing alerts of expiring treatment plans, needed recerts, unfinished charts, messages, problem claims, and more
  • “Cascading privileges” can now allow for easy setup of a large group practice
  • One account per person means no more separate admin or supervisor accounts
  • We’ve made improvements to the faxing system
  • We have higher limits on uploaded document size and overall storage
  • We have features helpful to a large, complex practice while maintaining simplicity for the solo practitioner
  • Specialist account types are available, e.g. “scheduler” and “biller”
  • Therapyappointment works effectively on any browser,

All of these are added to our existing suite of features:

  • We offer a  complete, HIPAA-compliant system for managing your psychotherapy practice. You provide the therapy; we provide the rest!
  • Scheduling, charting, patient accounting, client billing, faxing, appointment reminders, document storage, and messaging are all included at no extra cost
  • Therapyappointment was designed by a psychologist who understands the work flow and created a system to fit it
  • Our system is “in the cloud”, so you can access records from anywhere with complete security
  • We maintain automatic and ongoing backup of client information
  • Records are retained for a minimum of 7 years after you close your practice. We are currently reviewing the policy regarding accessing deactivated records, stay tuned for updates.
  • At your discretion, clients can self-schedule, cutting your phone calls in half! Clients love this feature!!
  • At your discretion, new clients can register and schedule their first appointment online, even after hours–a great marketing tool for your practice
  • A HIPAA-compliant message system permits encrypted communication of Protected Health Information with clients and staff
  • Appointment reminders are sent automatically to clients on your appointment schedule by text message, voice phone, or email
  • Claims are sent to insurance automatically; you are alerted when necessary claim information is missing, minimizing the chance of a rejection
  • Client statements can be printed on paper for traditional mailing or sent to the client electronically
  • Integrated credit card processing/merchant services; you can store client card information and bill future copays without needing the card
  • Your clients can view and pay their bill online
  • Paper documents can be scanned and uploaded to client charts. No more filing cabinets!
  • An automated system can fax a brief report to a referral source with one mouse click!
  • Our comprehensive client accounting system is included and integrated with your account No more Quick Books ™!
  • Payments received via an ERA can be posted automatically to the client accounting system
  • The “Autopilot” gives just-in-time information about the client and can chime when the session should conclude.
  • Private psychotherapy notes can be recorded in addition to the official chart notes
  • Several charting formats are available, including an automated SOAP notes format
  • Clients can be asked to complete an online Biographical Information Sheet which is electronically returned to you prior to their first appointment
  • Free “Admin” accounts have access to records of several therapists, but they may be restricted from viewing chart notes or other sensitive information (a HIPAA requirement)
  • You can access our best-in-industry customer support and live/recorded training webinars as often as you need. Unlike our competition, we actually answer our phones! 🙂