Support and Education Resources

People learn differently. But whether you prefer viewing a video tutorial, reading a how-to article, or talking with a support specialist - TherapyAppointment has you covered!

Video Library

Quick videos, video tutorials and deep dive pre-recorded webinars assist users when navigating our platform.

We also feature videos on psychotherapy techniques, and a whole series on starting or growing a private practice.


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Help Center

Our online Help Center offers deep dive tutorials, support contact, and online macro courses. If you have unanswered questions, we can schedule a webinar to assist both new and experienced customers.


New to Telehealth? TherapyAppointment 2.0 offers Zoom for Healthcare, and information on how to integrate Teletherapy into your existing practice. 

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New Practitioners

We literally wrote the book on starting or growing a practice! TherapyAppointment’s free downloadable book, The Psychotherapist Success Guide, will help any new therapist start a private practice, and help any established therapist to expand. We also have a video series based on the book, if you prefer that style of learning.