Adding and Managing Staff Preferences

    In this video we go over:

    • - How to add new Therapists and Front Office Staff
    • - How to configure staff settings and accounts
    • - How to send a password reset to staff accounts

    Add a Client

    In this video we will go over how to add a client.

    To add a client, click on the Blue "New" button at the top right of any screen, then on "Client"

    Input the patients basic information, and click Save. The minimum requirements are the first and last name, but more is obviously better.

    You can either click save, or schedule appointment if you'd like to immediately schedule an appointment for this client.

    Clicking save will bring us to the profile of the client we just entered. You can choose to add more information, like more demographic information, or other things, like group memberships, or client portal information, along with their reminder settings.

    Likewise, to edit client information for an already existing client, you can do this by going to “My Clients” and clicking on the client name. This will bring up all options for clients, such as profile, messages, billing and insurance, and documents and forms.

    Add an Appointment

    In this video we will go over how to add an appointment.

    To add an appointment, click on the Blue "New" button at the top right of any screen, then on "Appointment"

    Select the date, then time, and therapist you want to create the appointment for. Then add a client or group, confirm all the information is correct, along with if you want to setup a repeat appointment or not. You can even configure the service code, along with the CPT code, and hit save.

    You can view your appointments by going to “My Schedule”

    Likewise, to add an appointment, you can go to “My Schedule” and click on a time that you would like to add an appointment to, type in the patient or group name, or even if you want to make a meeting instead. Clicking done will add this appointment to your calendar.

    Made a mistake on an appointment time and want to change it? You can always drag and drop an appointment time to the correct date and time on your schedule.

    Setting up Two-Factor Authentication

    In this video we will go over how to setup two-factor authentication, a more secure sign on procedure.

    Adding Insurance Companies

    In this video we will go over how to add an insurance company.

    Enable Patients to Self Schedule Appointments

    In this video we will go over how to control self scheduling appointments for patients, and how a patient schedules an appointment.


    In this video we will go over the basics of messages, including how to send a message, add an attachment, and how patients check messages

    Creating and Managing Groups

    ]In this video we will go over how to create, manage, and edit groups within the system.

    Creating a Custom Chart Template

    Credit Cards - Accepting Payments and Entering New Cards

    My Profile and Practice Settings - Overview

    Practice Settings

    Standard Client Documents and sending patients documents

    Patient Portal