TherapyAppointment Online Learning Manual
The purpose of Therapy Appointment’s Online learning manual is to introduce you to the basic appearance and features of TA 2.0. We’ll walk you through the different screens and focus on the different functionalities that will help you run your EMR keeping smoothly and efficiently.

There are three main sections that we will explore:
Introduction to TherapyAppointment
· First Steps
· Quick Guides
· Practice Environment
· Workflow
· Insurance

In this section, we’ll begin with the Login Screen and then look at the interface and basic navigation functions within TherapyAppointment EMR, including new client set up, accepting payments, scheduling, client portal set-up, charting, claims management and more.

Video Tutorials
Therapy Appointment’s Video Tutorials help you walk you through the process of setting up your practice, managing staff-preferences, client set-up, messages, charting, credit card acceptance, claims management, billing and patient/client portal set-up.

TherapyAppointment Practice Reports
TherapyAppointment is building the TA 2.0 functionality to support a robust Analytics and Reporting framework, using which you can generate various types of reports for your practice. These reports will help you see how your practice is performing by giving meaningful insights into your data. These reports are either currently available or coming soon in TA 2.0. Practice Reports in TA 2.0 include:

· Client Reports
· Insurance Reports
· Income Reports