File Insurance Claims Automatically

Are you an experienced therapist who dreads filing insurance? Are you new to private practice and don’t understand the process? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you will love TherapyAppointment’s automated insurance claims! When you chart on an session, the insurance claim is automatically created for you – no extra steps needed.

Insurance payments are entered into the patient accounting system automatically whenever you receive an ERA statement. There’s no need to understand the intricacies of the CMS-1500 claim form. Answer simple questions, and the system figures out the right way to format the claim. There is also a semi-automated system for entering traditional paper EOB’s. Our system knows which claims are likely to be included in that payment and presents a list for easy entry.


Therapists and Practice Administrators Love Our Mental Health Billing Feature

  • The act of charting can automatically trigger an insurance claim to be filed. If you prefer to have front office staff check your work before filing, this can be arranged. You or your staff can enter patient payments at the time of service.
  • Our new “universal” claims formatting can take care of any claims requirements (even unusual ones from obscure insurance companies). Modify any field on a claim form. The system will ask if you want the modification to affect just that claim, or all claims for that patient, or all claims for that insurance company, or all claims for your entire practice.
  • The system tracks “due from patient” and “due from insurance” separately and dynamically. Patient statements show what they are expected to pay upon receipt. If insurance payments are less than expected, the “due from patient” total is corrected automatically.

Hate posting payments? TherapyAppointment posts them for you!

Most insurance companies prefer to send ERAs electronically instead of mailing paper EOBs to you. The TherapyAppointment system takes the information from these ERAs and posts them automatically.

  • The system tracks expected payments and brings any surprises to your attention.
  • The software tracks the flow of a claim through the system, so that you know the exact status of every outstanding payment.
  • Our software decides which issues need your attention and reports them to you on your “dashboard.”
  • We check each claim submission BEFORE it is transmitted electronically to the claims clearinghouse. The system insists that you only submit “clean claims” that are very unlikely to be rejected.
  • Submitting claims electronically means faster payment and quicker notification if your patient needs to make alternative payment plans.