If you are reading this, you likely have just moved to TherapyAppointment 2.0. Welcome aboard! Let's get you situated so that you can start using the new system. Here are the major tasks to complete:

  • Re-establish your practice locations: We have only migrated a single location for your practice, which was the information you had entered into the practice owner's "Practice group preferences" section in the Legacy system. Make sure that this information is up to date, and that the city, state, and zip code are in the following format: City, State, Zip Code (i.e. "Anytown, NC 12345-6789"). To edit this, and to enter any additional service locations, click Practice Settings > Office Locations. Next, click on the existing location and [Edit] to the right to update it. Or, to enter additional service locations, click [+New] and enter the requested information.
  • Re-establish availability: The 2.0 calendar is much more dynamic than the Legacy system, and the existing blank appointment slots from Legacy are not being transferred to 2.0. Existing client appointments and meetings WILL transfer over, but "availability" is handled differently in version 2.0. In the Legacy system, you established specific appointment "slots" like "10:00 am on Tuesdays." In 2.0, you enter appointment "availability" like "9:00 am-4:00pm Monday-Friday". Here’s an article with details.
  • Re-establish supervisor roles: Instead of having a stand alone supervisor account, being a supervisor is now a "role" that you can enable for any existing therapist accounts in the group. There are no "universal supervisors" or "universal interns" in 2.0; each supervision relationship is independent, providing more privacy. In addition, 2.0 supervisors are automatically sent the draft copies of chart notes for approval and co-signature. Finally, there is now a separate "Records Custodian" role that can be applied to any account, allowing access to treatment plans and chart notes for staff that may need to provide quality control or respond to records requests. (Some "supervisors" in Legacy were actually Records Custodians, not providing intern supervision. We clarify the distinction of these two roles in Version 2.0.) Because of these changes, any existing supervisor accounts from Legacy will not be migrated; only therapist accounts and admin/front office accounts will transfer over. You will need to enable supervisor roles or Records Custodian privileges for any providers that previously utilized supervisor accounts in the Legacy system. Here’s an article on setting up supervisor roles.
  • Re-establish patient login credentials: As a part of the overall security enhancements to 2.0, we did not bring over any existing usernames and password from your Legacy patient files. In order for your clients to log in to their new Version 2.0 patient portal, you must send an "invite" to each client, which will ask them to establish a new username and password. Go to a client’s profile, then under “Client Portal Login” click the blue [Create Login Credentials] button. If you have any questions, we have an article with details.
  • Upload your intake packet/file and practice logo images: We now permit you to choose, edit, and upload an image that will serve as the "letterhead logo" for printed documents, and a separate "simple logo" that will appear in other places. Similarly, if you had an intake PDF uploaded in Legacy, this was not migrated, so you will have to upload a new file to the "Standard Client Documents" section in 2.0. There is a great deal more flexibility in this process in Version 2.0; here’s an article with details.