Cloud-Based Practice Management

Our cloud-based TherapyAppointment practice management platform and EMR is accessible from any internet-connected computer or mobile device. TherapyAppointment 2.0 features a responsive design so the content automatically adjusts to fit the size of the screen on any device including smartphones, iPads, and other tablet computers.


Run Your Practice From Any Mobile Device

When needed, you can log onto TherapyAppointment from your smartphone to access patient records, notes, charts, online scheduling, and other features.

  • Check your schedule or change an appointment from anywhere, whenever you need.
  • Gain access to your notes, patient charts, and documents from your smartphone during emergencies or when you are traveling.
  • Get automatic alerts of expiring treatment plans, necessary recertifications, unfinished charts, new messages, problem claims, and other issues from the TherapyAppointment dashboard on your mobile device.
Run Your Practice From Any Mobile Device


Sync With Your Google Calendar or Other Online Calendar

TherapyAppointment 2.0 helps therapists and counselors stay on top of their schedules better than ever before. Sync your TherapyAppointment calendar and your personal calendar to coordinate personal and professional appointments, without revealing client information.

Sync With Your Google Calendar or Other Cloud-Based Personal Calendar
  • Import your Google Calendar or other cloud-based personal calendar into the TherapyAppointment calendar.
  • Export a HIPAA-compliant view of your therapy schedule into your personal calendar.


Always Up To Date

Because TherapyAppointment is a cloud-based practice management solution, there is no special software to install, and you never need to worry about updating. Just use your favorite browser; we'll take care of the updates from our end.

We track changes to the DSM and ICD-10, CPT codes, claim forms, and government regulations. We update TherapyAppointment forms and features regularly to ensure compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and other insurance and legal regulations.

Security You Can Count On

We go to great lengths to ensure that our cloud-based practice management solution keeps your data secure.

  • All data and patient information is encrypted with the same level of security as online banking.
  • Our device registration process gives real-time notification of additional registrations so only approved mobile devices have access.
  • Our Patient Portal and Message System includes a HIPAA-compliant means of communication with clients and colleagues.
Security You Can Count On