HIPAA-Compliant Counseling with TherapyAppointment EMR Software

As a mental health professional, you understand the importance of HIPAA compliance. So do we! Security is always our top priority.

Our system is fully compliant with HIPAA and HITECH standards for encrypted transmission and storage of PHI. Data is backed up in multiple locations for full compliance with HIPAA disaster recovery mandates. Data security is maintained through a complex system of monitoring, and the system is subjected to periodic integrity testing.



Curious about establishing HIPAA-Compliant Habits in Your Practice?

For a step-by-step guide for creating a HIPAA plan your yourself or your group.


Partner with us to stay HIPAA-compliant

As a secure and sophisticated therapy EMR system, TherapyAppointment helps support mental health professionals to uphold HIPAA compliance within their practice. HIPAA compliance requires both an understanding of the law and continued diligence in order to maintain standards. Providers must be vigilant at all times about maintaining secure personal health information (PHI) and maintaining privacy, security, and backup. Your part of the bargain is simple: maintain close control over complex passwords, use two-factor authentication, and stress the importance of privacy and security with your staff.

  • Safely store digital records for the legally required period of time without consuming office space for filing cabinets.
  • All communications with your clients through TherapyAppointment are HIPAA compliant through the use of our encrypted messaging system.
  • Clients must log in to their secure "patient portal" accounts to sign documents, view messages, or participate in online therapy sessions.
  • Reminder messages for appointments (text, email, and phone) are HIPAA compliant, ensuring discretion for both you and your client.
HIPAA compliance

Security Within Your Therapy Practice

  • We will provide you with a signed Business Associate Agreement which confirms our commitment to maintain HIPPA and HITECH standards.
  • Clinic owners or group practice managers will be able to control employee access to subsets of client information. This permits “minimum necessary access,” a HIPAA mandate.
  • Our software system includes  comprehensive audit trails. They will allow you, as a clinic manager, to detect unauthorized access or misuse of records. This is essential in the event of disputes or incidents tracking.
  • Our EMR software provides tools for HIPAA-compliant record sharing. It will streamline collaboration with other providers in your practice.

Secure Integration With Third Party Affiliates

We ensure that our partners take a shared responsibility approach to securing your data. TherapyAppointment will not partner with any organization that cannot ensure the same level of protection that we provide.

  • To protect your data, we’ve built a strong foundation based on industry-validated tools, processes, and practices. We believe this protection should extend beyond the boundaries of our control, e.g., when we must share data with third parties.
  • We have signed Business Associate Agreements with our claims processing, messaging, phone appointment reminder, email, and telehealth (Zoom) services. We maintain PCI compliance with all of our credit card processing services.
  • Our compliance and security officers ensure ongoing HIPAA training for our internal staff, and perform regular drills to keep us sharp.
Secure Integration With Third Party Affiliates