V2.0’s Enhanced Reliability

Over the past few weeks, we’ve shared new features and platform enhancements we think you’ll love the most. But advanced functionality and beautiful design mean precious little without a strong foundation of security and reliability.

That in mind, our team dug into the challenge of building a new foundation. First, we chose a partner who could help us guarantee constant reliable access to TherapyAppointment: Amazon Web Services. Then, we revisited and invested in robust security measures to set a new bar for industry standards.

V2.0 is housed on the largest cloud platform on earth. Period.

The search to find a secure and reliable cloud-based home for V2.0 led us to the hosting platform used by Netflix, NASA, and AirBnB. Version 2.0 is housed on Amazon Web Services (AWS): the most reliable cloud computing platform on the market. We understand the need for constant, dependable access. Your practice and clients rely on you, and with our new partnership with AWS, TherapyAppointment will always be there to help you connect.

Protected and connected

Building a secure, reliable platform to safeguard data is an essential part of TherapyAppointment’s mission. Storing clients’ medical records — in any form, paper or electronic — has risks, and TherapyAppointment mitigates those risks for you. V2.0, however, takes our mission one step further. V2.0 protects your data from all angles with a security infrastructure that exceeds industry standards. Our security and HIPAA experts implemented continuous vulnerability assessments, automated security auditing and testing, and continuous, secured backups to ensure you’re always protected and connected. As a , we partner with industry experts to continually assess and improve our practices.

This means that TherapyAppointment V2.0 includes not only new security features you see and use, such as two-factor authentication and a client password recovery system, but a wealth of under-the-hood protection for your client’s data.

These changes ensure that TherapyAppointment V2.0 shatters the benchmark for reliability and security. We’re not only surpassing our own industry-setting standards –we’re setting a whole new bar. With TherapyAppointment V2.0, you truly can do what you love and leave the rest to us.