V2.0: Your Version 2.0 Feedback — Revealed!


Throughout the build of Version 2.0, we’ve constantly solicited the feedback of users to direct development. However, moving into the final build phase, we opened the platform to a pool of close to 100 beta participants for a more robust and thorough test. During the test and after, we collected feedback and bugs to polish the platform. We’ve spent a few days processing the results, and are excited to share our beta results today.



Note-taking upgrades

In the words of one beta tester, “Yay for the treatment plan being separate from the progress note!” One of the most frequent notes we heard during our user feedback discussions over the past year was the need to adjust treatment plans and progress notes individually — V2.0 has you covered! Beta testers also loved that the dashboard now displays which notes still need to be completed and that you can “pick and choose what goes in printed patient records.”


A billing champion

We’re so happy to learn that TherapyAppointment has streamlined and demystified the billing process for so many of our users over the years. The billing process is stressful for all practitioners, new and experienced, so we upgraded our billing feature to make it robust yet intuitive. “It appears to more clearly display any claims or billing items that have issues, including open invoices,” one user noted. With V2.0, billing is a snap, no matter your level of experience.


Seamless navigation support

Learning a new practice management system can be intimidating. We understand, and we want to make sure that integrating TherapyAppointment Version 2.0 into your practice will be as seamless as possible. So we built in features to help you navigate the platform whenever you hit a snag. One of our beta testers told us, “I like that the Help button quickly pulls up tutorials!” In addition to these built-in tutorials, our customer service team is always on call to help you as you get to know V2.0!


Gold-star design

In addition to feature upgrades, we’re proud of our new clean, modern aesthetic; we’re happy to report that our beta testers agreed. From the font to the colors, V2.0 received high marks for aesthetic appeal across the board. Plus, easy-to-read labels and easy-to-navigate menus were a hit.


Thank you!

We’re grateful to everyone who took the time to test TherapyAppointment V2.0 and tell us about your experience, and we appreciate our group of beta testers who provided such valuable feedback on the new platform. The final countdown has begun, and we can’t wait for everyone to see the upgrades that await with V2.0!