V2.0: The Ever Evolving Platform


Today marks the final sneak peek into TherapyAppointment Version 2.0, and we think many in our community may be most excited about our final highlight: V2.0’s ability to continuously evolve.

Our CEO, Bill Whitehead, recently described this functionality in a cozy metaphor. “Think of TherapyAppointment as a house. The existing software was a small, one-bedroom home. But as it grew, adding rooms required cobbling them onto the footprint of the house. It worked, but the functionality and aesthetic didn’t always translate smoothly from one room to the next.

V2.0 is more like a modern, move-in-ready mansion with plenty of space to grow. And best of all, you can stay in the “house” throughout future upgrades.” Welcome home, TherapyAppointment community!

No sweat upgrades

Thanks to an adaptable infrastructure, our team can launch upgrades continuously and with zero down time. New features that help your practice grow can be quickly and easily added in future upgrades of the software. Just like upgrades to phone apps, you won’t have to re-learn an entirely new system after you’re up and running in V2.0 – when you log in, you’ll simply find upgrades ready to use.

Evolving with the industry

In the constantly changing world of health care, evolution means more than just system upgrades. TherapyAppointment Version 2.0 is designed so that as your practice processes change, your dash can also change. As a practice owner, you can customize everything from patient portals to user role access and insurance prompts. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a large network of therapists, we had your practice’s processes in mind when we built V2.0.

Change can be scary, and we’ve worked hard to provide you with a solution that will serve your practice management needs for the long haul. As the industry changes and your practice grows, TherapyAppointment Version 2.0 will evolve right beside you.

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