Update on TherapyAppointment 2.0 [6/18/2018]


This Week’s Accomplishments

  • Documentation of the top-level places where permissions need to be applied to the user interface, to ensure the granular security inherent in the new system
  • The software permitting patients to e-sign and return documents was completed
  • Work on refunds to patients in complex situations was completed
  • Menus on some pages that were considered to be overly complicated were simplified, with an elegant scrolling “table of contents” added
  • Specifications were deliverd for a significant upgrade to the Appointment Reminder system, which will permit (for example) sending an email three days ahead of an appointment, and a text message one day ahead
  • Some “bugs” in the messaging system and the login process were resolved

As noted earlier, we have suspended beta testing because of a major overhaul to the user interface; we will resume that testing in the coming weeks