Update on TherapyAppointment 2.0 [5/31/18]


We are pleased to have added an additional member to our programming staff. Joe Reinhart comes with an impressive resume of project management, and he is the new head of our programming staff. Joe has already demonstrated that he is able to provide the structure and guidance to our team that is needed to get the new version into your hands.

In addition, Joe is suggesting a variety of small changes to our user interface, which have made the site more attractive and more useful. Without going in to detail, he has great skill in making a complex system user-friendly, intuitive, and attractive. Changes that he has suggested reduce the number of mouse-clicks needed to complete common tasks, and organize the screens more logically.

The progress in finalizing the software to submit claims for customers in diverse practice arrangements is taking longer than anticipated. Beta testing will resume once this portion of the software is complete, and the new streamlining is in effect. We are eager to show off the new system--we know you are going to like it!