TherapyAppointment V2.0 Sneak Peek

Our robust new suite of features!

Our team has been working around the clock to polish TherapyAppointment V2.0, and with so many new features to boast, we couldn’t wait any longer to share! Throughout development, we asked constantly about features important to you and listened carefully. We wanted to know what to keep — things you love about TherapyAppointment — and what tools would help you run your practice and communicate with your clients. And you told us! Your feedback became the all-new features we’ve built into Version 2.0

We’re excited to share a quick introduction to a few new features that dramatically improve TherapyAppointment’s capabilities.

Message Attachments

One of the major upgrades to our internal messaging system is the ability to attach documents, photos, forms, and more. This makes communication more streamlined and efficient and allows you to access all the documents you need within internal messages.

Message Threads

We’ve simplified and streamlined communications with new message threads that include multiple recipients. Client communications are now easy to navigate and organized. You and your team never have to dig through the inbox to track a conversation again.


We understand the importance of going digital with your practice. E-signatures provide instant and effortless distribution of forms and documents and a safe and legal collection of signatures, saving your clients and staff time.

Paperless Practice

At TherapyAppointment, we want a paperless practice to be achievable for everyone. Version 2.0 makes this possible through automatic paperless filing, e-signatures, attachments, and more.

Group Practice Functionality

You spoke. We listened. We’ve added features designed to improve functionality for group practices, including data slicing, business statistics, and better defined supervisor-intern relationships and automated functions. New calendar functions also allow you to see available appointments across offices, decreasing the time your staff spends searching and your clients spend waiting. Being a group with TherapyAppointment has never been easier, and these are a few of the big changes we made to keep your group running smoothly.

Calendar Updates

One of the biggest requests was for new calendar features. It’s now easier to interact with the calendar, see what times are available, and pair it with your personal calendars. Google and iCal are seamlessly integrated to make toggling between calendars a thing of the past.

Tune in next week for a look at another TherapyAppointment 2.0 sneak peek, and keep checking back in for more in-depth insights at new features!