TherapyAppointment: Our Story

At TherapyAppointment, we don’t just guide our customers in managing and growing their mental healthcare practices — we’ve lived it. From the day our software was conceived, first-hand knowledge of practice management was woven into the very fabric of our solution.

Our software was built by a therapist, Dr. Bill Whitehead. With the input of administrators, billers, and therapists, it grew into a comprehensive practice management solution. As TherapyAppointment Version 2.0 rapidly moves towards launch, we return to our roots: fine-tuning our product by listening, watching, and learning from the people who will actually use it. V2.0 incorporates our 10 plus years of customer interactions and feedback, and elegantly streamlines the process of therapy practice management. But how did we get here?

Over ten years ago, TherapyAppointment’s founder, Dr. Bill Whitehead, listened and watched as Lisa, his administrator, hefted file after file. As the two of them swam in seas of paperwork, he saw an opportunity for process improvement. He accepted the challenge to create the software from scratch. With Lisa in mind, and her feedback along the way, he set his sights on accomplishing his goal.

Eventually, Dr. Whitehead revealed a software the two could use to manage the practice and gave the program a name, dubbing it “Electronic Lisa” in her honor. Over time, he continued to iterate “Lisa” by soliciting feedback from other therapists and administrators. “Lisa” grew into an increasingly sophisticated practice management software, and TherapyAppointment emerged. Requests for licenses began flooding in. Dr. Whitehead recognized the opportunity to help other mental health professionals in the community develop their practices, and excitedly extended his solution. To date, TherapyAppointment has helped over 16,000 therapists to concentrate on patients, not paperwork.

Today, as Dr. Whitehead leads a team of developers on Version 2.0, the feedback of therapists, administrators, and billing experts in the TherapyAppointment community are more important than ever. We move through rounds of beta with the eagerness and earnestness that Dr. Whitehead demonstrated when he first created the software, anticipating that the final result will provide just as much satisfaction to our users today as it did to Lisa ten years ago.