Update on TherapyAppointment 2.0 [7/9/18]


It was infrastructure and server week here at TherapyAppointment! It may not be as exciting as improved calendaring and unlimited chart templates, but the engineering team has been hard at work completing the roll-out of a new, cloud-based platform for the system.

Moving more completely to the cloud is allowing us to:

* Provide better service at the same cost as the traditional hosting used for the current TherapyAppointment platform.

* Continuously deliver bug fixes and feature updates with little-to-no downtime using what are called “blue / green” deployments. New code continually rolls out onto new servers and then automatically redirects traffic once they're online

* Automatically respond to performance problems, preventing downtime by increasing the number of TherapyAppointment.com servers whenever necessary.

* Use cloud technologies for processes like printing forms to PDFs, which have always given us problems in the past.

* Leverage content delivery networks so that you're loading content from servers geographically close to you.

Moving from traditional hosting to the cloud has slowed deployment, but we've worked with industry-leading HIPAA consultants and cloud experts to ensure that we're maximizing our capabilities to ensure stability and security at no additional cost to our users.