Update on TherapyAppointment 2.0 [1/26/18]


We have been working on a variety of features of TherapyAppointment 2.0 this week. Some of the features simply did not work properly in the prior beta version; others needed simple cosmetic improvements. Some areas of focus:

  • Improvements to our messaging system. It is dramatically more sophisticated than the current system, allowing conversation "threads," adding additional participants in a conversation, adding attachments, saving drafts, etc. There is now one integrated system for talking with colleagues, patients, office staff, and even referral sources through this secure message system.
  • Improvements to out claims submission process. We have a groundbreaking improvement that allows you to change a specific claim detail, then asks if you want to apply a similar change to future claims for this patient, or this insurance company, or this therapist, or this practice group. This will provide an intuitive way to fine-tune a claim to an insurance company's (often complicated) requirements.
  • Improvements to our calendar system. You can now synchronize your personal calendar (e.g. Google calendar) with your TherapyAppointment 2.0 calendar, allowing you to see events from your home calendar on TherapyAppointment, and your appointment schedule on Google calendar. Don't worry--we've taken care of all the security issues!
  • Improvements to the display of practice statistics. Instead of having to go from page to page to collect information about the health of your practice, this information is now integrated into one page. This is in addition to our new "dashboard" that does a lot of thinking for you, alerting you to bottlenecks in your cash flow, and deadlines for your paperwork.

We will be opening up the beta testing to a small group of existing customers next week, getting their feedback to guide further changes and improvements.