TherapyAppointment 2.0 Migration Process

Our community is abuzz with excitement over TherapyAppointment 2.0.

Less than a month is left on the calendar to the free TA2.0 Training Software launch and you’re excited to learn what to expect. When can you transition to TA2.0? What will migration look like? What training is provided? We understand! — We’re happy to share the details so far regarding what’s coming up over the next few weeks.

Launching your practice in TA2.0 should be as painless as possible. To that end, we’re providing ample opportunities to develop a high comfort level with TA2.0 prior to migration. Training materials are available and, on 12/15, we’ll invite you to participate.

Free TA2.0 Training Software

On 12/15, you’ll be invited to join the free TA 2.0 Training Software where you’ll learn the system and test your processes with fake clients. The system is now live and available at

  • The TA2.0 Training Software is provided for practice only: your client data will not be in this system, nor will it ever.
  • Test! Explore! We want you to feel comfortable when you schedule your first real client and chart your first real therapy note in the new system.

Data Migration

A HIPAA compliant, lossless data migration is complex process. Thankfully, it’s one you’ll never even have to think about — we’ll take care of the heavy-lifting for you.

  • We’ll handle getting your data from the legacy TherapyAppointment system to TA2.0.
  • You’re a therapy provider; Not a guinea pig: to ensure your transition is seamless, we’ll initiate your migration only when we know it’ll be smooth and painless.

Transition Scheduling

To ensure you’re fully supported during the transition to TA2.0, we’ll open registration for preferred migration dates. Once you’re comfortable and the dates are made available, you can elect the date that works for you.

  • When you’re comfortable and migration dates are published, you’ll elect your preferred date by registering here (subject to availability).
  • Options to migrate will be provided throughout the 2019 calendar year if you prefer more time to prepare yourself and/or your group.
  • Migration Date selections will be released a month in advance.



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