Pre-Migration Resources

Legacy users, we hear you're excited to learn more about migration! We're excited too, and we're sharing a few pre-migration resources below to help you prep. Our PYP Information Sessions and Pre-Migration checklist are exactly what you need to get started.

PYP Information Sessions

If you haven't already joined one of our live or On Demand Prep Your Practice sessions, you're invited to join us!

Simply visit this page to pick the date and time (or On Demand session!) that work for you.

UPDATE (5/21): Live sessions have all been held, but watch anytime On Demand here

Pre-Migration Checklist

Once you've completed the PYP, you'll be automatically sent a Pre-Migration Checklist. It includes a few items to confirm are recorded in your Legacy practice for migration to work properly. It also includes helpful migration tips, like what data migrates and doesn't.

Can't wait until after your session to check the list out? We get it! Click the link below to download a copy now and take a peek!

Download the Pre-Migration Checklist Here!