UPDATE: Office Ally Rejections: Date Formatting

UPDATE: Office Ally resolved the date formatting issue resulting in rejected claims as of 1/4/2019.

Please resume your normal claims submission activities.

If you submitted 2019 claims and they were rejected: Office Ally will resubmit them for you. You do not need to do anything to the rejected claims because of this error and you do not need to resubmit.

2019 Date Formatting Issue

TherapyAppointment identified an Office Ally “mapping issue” resulting in claims rejections.

We’ve notified the Office Ally team — they are working on a solution.


Life Insurance

Have you received rejections in 2019? Don’t panic, updates below!

Much of our community uses Office Ally for insurance clearinghouse needs. If you use Office Ally, you may have experienced rejections in 2019 claims due to a date formatting issue in their software.

Effectively, Office Ally is interpreting the year (listed as 19 on the claim) as 1919 instead of 2019. This issue began with the start of 2019. Office Ally is working on a fix that should be implemented later today (1/3/2019) or tomorrow (1/4/2019).

However, in the meantime, this results in the rejection of claims for our users.

If you have claims to submit

Please hold any unsubmitted claims. Once we are confident this issue has been resolved by Office Ally, we will confirm via email that you may resume submission.

If you've submitted claims

If you've submitted claims, received rejections, and contacted Office Ally about it, you were likely told this was an issue from TherapyAppointment. To be clear, this is a mapping issue Office Ally is experiencing, is aware of, and is working on.

Please do not resubmit your claims until Office Ally has confirmed they have implemented a fix on their end. Your claims will be rejected, unfortunately. We’ll confirm with the community as soon as we’re confident the issue is resolved.