Q1 Development Lookback: Migration Updates + TA2.0 Evolution

While you’re testing and exploring the TA2.0 Training Software (or, as our Support Team refers to it, our “Sandbox”), it’s been all hands on deck at the TA offices. We're rapidly moved towards migrating your practice's data. We’ve even added a few new hands to speed up the process! Today, we're sharing some TA2.o improvements and migration updates!

What have we been up to?

This quarter, we’ve added several experts to the TA team to lead on migration projects. Johann Sonnenberg and Sera Turner are both recognized experts in their fields. Both have greatly accelerated the migration process. Detailed descriptions of their experience and the work they’re doing to create the best possible TA2.0 experience for your practice are found in the sections below.

In addition to migration and new products, work on TA2.0 hasn't stopped. We've resolved bugs and introduced feature improvements leading to major updates. In the process, we've made TA2.0 an even more intuitive platform to use.

The biggest update? The TA2.0 accounting system. The accounting system has undergone a major makeover and is currently in final testing before launch. Another much applauded feature is the improved calendar syncing features to make it easier to manage everything you do.

Meet our newest migration pros

Meet our newest migration pros!

Migration Acceleration with Johann

Migration Acceleration with Johann

When we realized we needed more hands to reach our goal of a large-scale migration in 2019, we went straight to the pros. Johann's work in software engineering and data manipulation and integration was unbeatable. His previous work for the Department of Homeland Security, the Navy, NASA, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the real feather in his cap -- the esteemed Mayo Clinic -- inspired our confidence.

Protecting Your Practice -- First and Always

And, hitting the ground running, Johann dug straight in. It may be a relief to know his top concern is protecting your data. We're excited to get your practice up and running in the software, but Johann continually grounds us back to the primary concern: lossless migration and protecting your data.

"The software is built, so it seems like transferring data should be easy. Just take it from one system and drop it into another. Right? Unfortunately -- not quite.

In reality, we're learning the language of both systems and then teaching them to talk to one another. A big part of my job is building and testing that Rosetta Stone. We have 10 years of extremely sensitive data stored in a matrix in one system and now need to find all the new homes for that data in another system. You've heard the phrase “lost in translation”? That's what I'm here to prevent. 

What has taken so much time is testing. I personally comb through the practices we've tested to ensure that everything migrates as expected. So when you migrate, you can expect that your patients will all be there. Your practice's data will be there. No one who shouldn't have access has access. When it's time to migrate, you can believe that we'll protect, understand, and move your practice carefully.”

It doesn't hurt that Johann is a retired volunteer firefighter. He's seen HIPAA compliance through a software engineer's eyes and a first-responder. In fact, we couldn't get a peep out of him when we asked him about his most courageous rescue. A true pro.

TA2.0 Instructional Guides with Sera

TA2.0 Migration Leads

Our vibrant community includes all types of learners, so we know TA2.0 training resources need to be the bridge for your preferred style and success. We knew a variety of guides were needed so you spend less time "learning the new software" and more time doing what you love.

We realized we needed someone with the expertise to get the job done right. When we met Sera, we were thrilled by her prowess. It was obvious she was the person for this important task! "I love figuring out how to make sense of things, and for that to be used to make things easier for people." Sera told us.

Recently working with Mission Health Hospitals, Sera spent serious time writing systems training for employees handling patient accounts. Essentially, she taught hospital workers how to better protect patient data by using EMR systems with much more complexity than our intuitive program.

A better way to learn

Sera is now leading the team in creating resources to prepare Legacy users to migrate.

We want you to have a learning track prior to migration so -- by the time you migrate -- you're already pretty familiar. No one should have to log in and think,"Boy, I haven't seen this before!" Therefore, my goal is, Day 1 logging into TA2.0: how can we share information so as little time as possible is needed for you to get going!

My job is to think from your perspective:"How do I actually use this software to manage my practice? Maybe I only do 2 or 3 things in the software – that's all I"ll be searching for in TA2.0." From there, my job is to make it as easy as possible to find those 2 or 3 things and master them. 

To accomplish this mission, Sera and the team are carefully building training materials for all types of learners.

People learn different ways. Some people might love to watch a video, a webinar – and get it. Other people might really need to take time: print out some materials and practice. A third group might need to do some of that and then come back and ask questions.

So, with all this in mind, I'd like you to feel supported; like we're taking this seriously and providing tools that will actually help. And I'd like you to feel we've set information up the best possible way to hep you succeed. Finally, of course, we want you to feel confident and not feel confused!"

So, what does this actually look like?

Well, one of Sera's biggest projects is building step-by-step TA2.0 instructional guides. (To be released as soon as they are ready!) These guides help you hop from Legacy to TA2.0, often outlining the differences between the two systems so your frame of reference can be a system you know!.

Sera spends her work hours with us bending her mind around solving complex learning problems. And she doesn't stop there! Her love of approaching problems from a new angle extends to her free time, practicing body-bending acroyoga and painting. She never takes any point of view for granted, and is here to help us approach problems from myriad angles!

If you’ve played in our training software or attended our Deep Dive Webinars at the beginning of the year, you know that TA2.0 has a very different look and feel from Legacy. Everyone learns differently, and we've got your back.

Prep Your Practice!

We'll continue to keep you posted on migration updates! Coming up next: stay tuned for Prep Your Practice!, informational migration sessions. Designed to help prepare your practice, we'll share practical migration updates, including what to expect during migration and tips to get ready for migration. The schedule will be announced next week!

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