How to Migrate Your Practice from Another EMR

So you’ve decided to make the switch to TherapyAppointment? Congratulations!

You’re joining an unparalleled community of mental healthcare professionals and the TherapyAppointment experts who support them. Our new software sets the standard for practice management solutions, and we're excited to have you be among the first to experience it!

As you get started, know that we are here to support you every step of the way. The guide you find below should help, but feel free to email Support or give them a call if you get stuck. We’ve got your back!

Go Live in TherapyAppointment 2.0 [with EMR/EHR data from another software]

  1. Establish a formal date of transition to the system: your Go Live Date
  2. Beginning on your Go Live Date (and moving forward), place any new appointments in TherapyAppointment.
  3. From the Go Live Date forward, enter any new therapy charges and any new patient payments into TherapyAppointment.
    • Post any insurance checks received for dates of service prior to the Go Live Date into your old system.
    • Post insurance payments for sessions after the Go Live date into TherapyAppointment 2.0 (TA2.0)
  4. Collect all outstanding insurance payments and patient balances for the dates of service in your old system (typically takes around a month).
  5. Keep archives handy as referrals for any questions
  6. Patient Charts: If you wish to use TA2.0 as your EMR, begin keeping patient charts.
    • You’ll want to refer to your old charts for a few weeks to refresh your memory before sessions.
      • Place a note in your old chart: “Subsequent sessions notes will be found in TherapyAppointment for this patient.”
      • Put a note in TA2.0 for your current patient by clicking “Save Alert” on the patient info and add the following: “Notes for previous dates of service are located in the [patient’s paper file]/[previous system] or have been uploaded as a document in this patient’s documents area.”
    • After a month or so, you can begin to rely exclusively on the TherapyAppointment chart.
  7. Statements: You may need to send two statements to patients for the first couple of billing periods (one or two months). This will consist of:
      1. One generated by the old system and
      2. One by TA2.0

    Enclose a Letter of Explanation with these statements to prevent client confusion. A sample letter is here.

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