Legacy to TA2.0 Migration Registration is Open!

The TherapyAppointment Team is excited to invite you and your Legacy practice to register for migration to TA2.0 starting Friday, May 31st!


What Registration Does

  • Completing the registration will place you in our TA2.0 Migration Queue.
    • You will not be migrated immediately following registration.
    • When your practice can be migrated, we will reach out to you based on your stated preferences to choose a specific date.
  • This registration form collects information about your practice, including your practice structure and when you would like to migrate. This helps us ensure your practice is migrated exactly as you (and we!) expect.


The registration process is now available within Legacy portals!

Watch a short video below to learn the process, or jump down to our step-by-step guide to follow along in your Legacy portal.

 Below is a step-by-step guide through the registration process. Please note, the process varies slightly for Account Owners and group members.

  1. All Legacy TA users will sign into their Legacy account as normal. Upon submitting your credentials, look for the alert below that states "Click here for information on migration to TherapyAppointment2.0." Click.

Therapy Appointment2. A following text box will appear below with a button to start registration. Click "Start" to begin. 

Therapy Appointment

After clicking “START,” the steps will depend on whether you are an Account Owner or member of a group.

If you are member of a group (a therapist who is part of a group but is not the “head honcho”)  jump down to the “Migration Readiness Assessment” Section.


Account Owners

Account owners only: you will choose a preferred migration window for your practice. (Other group members should go to the Migration Readiness Assessment Section below.)

  1. The next screen asks you to self-select into a migration preference window. This is not a guarantee of a date — it is a statement of your migration preference.

Therapy Appointment

If you are a solo practitioner, once you select your migration preference window, you will be taken directly to the Migration Readiness Assessment below.

2. If you are a group account owner, you will see the following group membership confirmation screen. On this screen, please confirm the members of your group you would like to migrate:

Therapy Appointment

If you see accounts that are no longer in use and you do not want migrated, simply don't include them. All of the charts, notes and clients associated with that record will still be migrated.

3. Upon completing this page, group account owners will move into to the Migration Readiness Assessment below.


Migration Readiness Assessment:

The next step is ensuring your practice is migration compliant. In this step, we'll scan your practice to confirm that, once migrated, your practice will be set up in TA2.0 exactly as expected and will be ready to be used.

  1. Completing the assessment is simple and takes only a few minutes:

Therapy Appointment


2. We will make you aware of problems we've identified within your Legacy practice that may hinder your ability to migrate. Steps are provided to update your Legacy practice settings.

3. Check each box to indicate that you have updated or will update your practice within Legacy.

4. Upon completion, you must click the red box to submit your registration:

Therapy Appointment


5. You're done! Your practice has been registered for migration and we will reach out when we are ready to migrate your practice to schedule a date.


You can also reference our Pre-Migration Checklist for a printable copy of the items needed within your Legacy account.


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