Customize Your Practice Controls With V2.0

We’re continuing sneak peeks of TherapyAppointment Version 2.0 by diving deeper into one of the most asked-for features: settings customization. Your plate is full with your therapy practice, so V2.0 gives you more control through customizable settings. You can assign specific roles to your team and easily adapt the software to meet your practice’s needs as roles and preferences change over time.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or the leader of a large practice, your practice management software should reflect your preferences. With Version 2.0, you can customize all the controls, from practice billing settings down to the patient portals and whether or not the system should prompt clients for their insurance information.

You’ll also be able to assign new roles within the system, helping you provide relevant information to appropriate members on your team while protecting confidential data and managing everything from the top down. One of our clients told us that as his practice “grew rapidly, we needed more managerial notifications and oversight options. They have become paramount The new, wider variety of roles and customized settings within the system “will make monitoring our group much easier.”

New User Roles in Version 2.0

The new roles that you can assign within each account include:

Owner: The account owner has top-level control of the practice account. Each practice has only one owner account.

Manager: Managers have most of the same powers as owners, but can be office-specific and cannot control the TherapyAppointment account.

Therapist: A therapist is classified as a person who sees clients and creates chart entries. These are billable accounts.

Front Office: Under this role, users would have access to front office menus that allow them to perform administrative and operational tasks such as billing and scheduling.

Scheduler: This role allows someone to schedule appointments.

Biller: Users classified as billers would be able to access account and claims.


More close-up looks at some of the most highly anticipated features of V2.0 are heading your way in the next few weeks, stay tuned!