New Add-On CPT Codes and PQRS Changes

New CPT Codes and PQRS Code Changes

Tuesday, November 27, 2018, a minor update to the TherapyAppointment system will permit the inclusion of several new “add-on” CPT codes. Few of you will be affected by these changes. Add-on codes and PQRS codes are rarely used; if you have not needed them in the past, you aren’t likely to need them in the future.

These new codes are in two groups:

0361T, 0365T, 0367T, and 0369T: These code additional time spent offering psychoeducational services to clients diagnosed with Autism. These codes are appropriate for use now.

96113, 96121, 96131, 96133, 96137, and 96139: These code additional time spent in certain types of psychological and neuropsychological evaluations. These codes are appropriate for use after 1/1/2019.

You’ll notice that the drop-down menu used for selection of an add-on code is now broken into two drop-down menus: one for the code itself, and one for the number of units of that code. In addition, you will note that clicking “More…” and then “CPT codes” will allow you to enter your fees for these additional codes. They will default to zero, so be sure to set your rates for the new codes before attempting to use them.

Though these add-on code additions are minor, they do affect several parts of the TherapyAppointment system. Eleven different systems were affected. The changes have been tested, but there is always a chance that “bugs” in the software will emerge with this transition. Please don’t hesitate to report any that you encounter.

You may also notice that the old menu item for “PQRS codes” has now been deleted. PQRS codes have not been accepted on claims for many months now; we kept this system in place for a while in case you need to resubmit an old claim. It is now  time to retire this obsolete system. All PQRS codes must now be submitted via a registry.

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