Beta testing week has arrived!

Honest, genuine feedback: it’s what you strive to provide patients. It’s also what the team here at TherapyAppointment is collecting this week.

We’ve placed TherapyAppointment Version 2.0 in the hands of beta testers once again, and are eagerly anticipating the outcome. Previous beta testing unearthed improvements with potential to streamline your practice processes: a cleaner therapy helper dashboard; Simplified patient portals for scheduling therapy appointments; Painless electronic billing. Reworking the platform down to the very foundation was just the tip of our colossal improvements iceberg. You listen for a living, and we do, too: the new version is built with you, the community, as our compass and your feedback as our roadmap.

These rounds of feedback are much like tightening V2.0’s laces at the starting line before launch. Like the processes you’ve implemented to manage and grow your practice, we’ve sent V2.0 through rigorous development processes to tune it finely. It’s become a platform we are thrilled to share and believe will improve your life: it’s easier to learn and use, it’s quick to navigate, and it’s a pleasure to look at! (Ok, that last one is our opinion, but we hope you’ll agree!)

Stay tuned for a sneak peek later this week!

Off to the races! CEO Bill Whitehead, COO Carl Alguire, and Joe Rinehart, Lead Engineer observe as a beta tester explores the new platform.