2.0 Feature Update: Our Accounting Facelift

Thanks to your feedback, over the past few months we've dramatically improved our accounting features. Next Monday (4/29), we're excited to share what we've developed!

Cashflow is your practice's lifeblood. Without clear insight into your practice's financials, managing your day-to-day with confidence and ease becomes a Sisyphean task. We believe accounting should never be an enigma or an enemy — it's your greatest asset to empowering you to do what you love!

For that reason, we're constantly working to ensure that nothing in your practice is a mystery. Hence, accounting is now transparent, streamlined, and the information you need quickly is upfront and on display.

Our Improvements

TA2.0's new accounting features reflect both your feedback and our internal analysis on TA2.0's original accounting interface. We've made it easier to follow the lifecycle of a client's account and see that payments are up to date. We re-examined the information shared on each screen to ensure that's displayed is the information you actually need. And, we've worked to make navigation just a little bit more intuitive.

Billing & Insurance Main Screen

Billing & Insurance Screen

  1. Oldest Open Balance Box
    • Shifted to the right side of the screen
    • Reorganized to display based on client last names (was previously organized by appointment date (date of service))
    • Includes "Problem Claims" (previously a separate box)
  2. Color Codes in Claims
    • Color coding streamlined for both "Claims" and "Latest Claim Updates" boxes

Within Client Records

Billing Tab

Client Record -- Billing

  1. An Insurance tab replace the previous "Billing/Insurance" Tab
  2. Due From Client Now replaces "Client Responsibility"in the top right corner s
  3. Account History replaces the "Balance Summary", "Open Charges", and "Open Insurance Claims."
    • Summary of charges now reflects the balance owed in a easy-to-actualize, intuitive flow
    • "Open Insurance Claims" is now located in the Insurance Tab below
  4. Create Statement added
  5. The total account history reflects beneath charges. Color coding added to indicate problem claims, pending claims, and payment received claims. 
  6. Filters added

Insurance Tab

Insurance Tab

  1. A Billing tab replaces the previous "Billing/Insurance" Tab
  2. Open Claims are largely the same, but color coding added to help highlight problem charges

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